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NOF®-ALLOY KA Series is one of the scratch resistance improvers developed by NOF’s graft technology expertise and experience. NOF®-ALLOY KA Series has the following three excellent features.


  • NOF®-ALLOY KA Series can improve the scratch resistance of polyolefin, thermoplastic olefin elastomers (TPO) and Cross-Linked Rubber.
  • NOF®-ALLOY KA Series can keep the appearance of surface, mechanical properties, thermal properties, and mold ability.
  • NOF®-ALLOY KA Series is friendly for the environment so that no halogenic compounds are contained


NOF®-ALLOY KA Series has a possibility which can be used for many automotive applications as follows. Especially, NOF®-ALLOY KA Series is suitable for applications made from polypropylene.

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NOF®-ALLOY KA147 Catalog

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