Q: How to purchase products online?

Please register our website. ( click HERE ) 
After our verification, you will receive activation confirmation e-mail, then you could purchase our products online. 

*Online shopping is currently US customers only. Outside US customers, please submit your request thru contact form.


Q:  How to purchase products without pricing information?

Register>>Receive account activation e-mail>> Go prodcuct pages you are looking for>>Request pricing thru "Product Inquiry" tab on the bottom of the page. 

"Price Link" will be sent by email in our operation hours: Mon-Fri 9-5:30 pm. EST.




Q: Submitted a price request, but no Price Link email I received.

We process your request in our operation hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-5:30, EST.
If you do not receive a price link email within that hours, please Email or call us. 914-681-9790 ex17






Q: Bulk order? Place an order using Purchase Order?

A: Please contact info@nofamerica.com  or call 914-681-9790 Ex.12, 10 or 20 for details. 





Q: Handling / Shipping Fee?

Please click the link below.

Terms & Conditions




Q: Tax Exemption form?

A: When you ship to NY, CA or WA states, please send us your Tax Exempt certificate if you have.
Fax: 914-681-9791
Email info@nofamerica.com  at the time of your registration 

( Please ask your accounting department if you are not sure about the form.)



Q: Will I be charged Sales Tax?

A: If you ship to NY,CA or WA states, sales tax may be calculated & charged. To avoid sales tax, please send us your tax exempt form at the time of registration to info@nofamerica.com / Fax:914.681.9791. 



Q:Why is my credit card being denied?


  • Make sure you have entered your credit card information correctly - it should be only numbers; no dashes or spaces.

  • Confirm that there are verifiable funds in the account

If you continue to receive errors, try using a different credit card or please contact your financial institution

If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us at info@nofamerica.com or Call 914-681-9790 ex.17