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Hydroxyl group ended polybutylene glycol block allylpolyethers

*We suggest this product as a substitute for ether end-capped allyl polyether derivatives.

Product Line Up 

Product Name Appearance
Chemical Name Chemical Formula
Avg. MW EO/PO Molar Ratio
POLYCERIN® A-9E-B Liquid Polyethyleneglycol polybutylene glycol allylether H₂C=CHCH₂O(EO)a(BO)bH
(Block type)
CAS No. 117149-75-4
            520 100 / 0
POLYCERIN® 75A-32EP-B Liquid Polyethyleneglycol polypropylene glycol polybutylene glycol allylether H₂C=CHCH₂O[(EO)a(PO)b](BO)cH
(EO/PO random type)
CAS No. 307299-54-3
         1,600 75 / 25
POLYCERIN® 50A-38EP-B Liquid          2,000 50 / 50
POLYCERIN® A-24P-B Liquid Polypropyleneglycol polybutylene glycol allylether H₂C=CHCH₂O(PO)a(BO)bH
(Block type)
CAS No. 307299-53-2
         1,500 0 / 100



  • Activity inhibition of hydroxyl group
  • Prevention from gelation by acetal crosslink
    Test results in hydrosilylation with dimethylhydropolysiloxane comparing hydroxyl group ended polybutylene glycol block allylpolyether (POLYCERIN® A-9E-B) with general-purpose allyl polyether (UNIOX® PKA-5003)




Precautions for storage and handling 
Storage Since changes in quality may occur due to exposure to heat, humidity, light environments, be sure to close tightly and store in a cool, dark place. Please keep away from open flame.
Handling When handling these products, wear protective equipment to avoid contact with skin or eyes. lf skin contact occurs, rinse skin with water/soap in water, and if eyes contact occurs, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water at least 15 minutes, call a physician. Avoid rough handling or dropping. Eliminate source of ignition. Please read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before use.

Polyethyleneglycol polypropylene glycol polybutylene glycol allylether
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Polypropyleneglycol polybutylene glycol allylether
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Polyethyleneglycol polybutylene glycol allylethe
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Polyethyleneglycol polypropylene glycol polybutylene glycol allylether
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