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Reactive MPC Polymers

Chemical structure

Chemical structure

Product Line

Lipidure®-NH01 NH2
Lipidure®-AC01 COOH
Lipidure®-CR3001 Alkoxy silane


Coating procedure

Coating procedure





MPC-based modifier Lipidure®-CR3001

Us at the Life Science Division at NOF Corporation are pleased to begin selling our new product, the Lipidure®-CR3001, which is a MPC polymer with a silane coupling group.


a Features of the Lipidure®-CR3001

  • Excellent durability
    • The Lipidure®-CR3001 binds chemically to the surface of substrates via a silane coupling group.
    • Applicable substrates: silicone, metal, glass, and plastics (PE, PS, PP, PC, PET) 
  • Biocompatibility and high hydrophilicity
    • The Lipidure®-CR3001 can provide high hydrophilicity and biocompatibility (suppression of protein adsorption, etc.) to highly hydrophobic surfaces, such as silicone. 
  • Lubricity
    •  The Lipidure®-CR3001 can provide a high degree of lubrication to the surface of substrates. 
  • Easy coating
    • The Lipidure®-CR3001 can easily coat surfaces via its heating process. 


aIn what fields can we expect this product to be effective?

 ・Medical devices

 ・Laboratory instruments



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