NOF CORPORATION EXHIBITS AT 2016 "SAE 2016 World Congress & Exhibition" (April 12 – 14)

NOF CORPORATION EXHIBITS AT 2016 "SAE 2016 World Congress & Exhibition" (April 12 – 14)

NOF CORPORATION is exhibiting at `SAE 2016 World Congress & Exhibition’ held on April 12-14 at the Cobo Center in Detroit, MI (booth # 1245).

We are presenting our latest products and technologies of  Functional Chemicals and Polymers for automotive industries.

Some of the highlights presented are:


◆Anti-squeak Improver   MODIPER® A1401 Series:

MODIPER® A series is an innovative type graft copolymer, consisting of polyolefin as a main-chain and polyvinyl as a branch polymer, which is exclusively manufactured by NOF CORPORATION utilizing NOF’s developed grafting technology. MODIPER® A series can improve the mechanical property, surface property, compatibility and other properties of thermoplastic resins.


◆Anti- Scratch Improver  NOF®-ALLOY KA832 & NOF®-ALLOY KA147

NOF®-ALLOY  KA series is especially designed for Polyolefins (PP, EVA, PE, etc), Thermoplastic Olefin Elastomers (TPO), Thermoplastic Styrene Elastomers (TPS) and rubbers (EDPM, NBR etc.) and drastically promotes its scratch proof property with no big impact on surface, mechanical and thermal properties and moldability.


◆High-performance Thermoplastic Elastomer  NOF®-ALLOY TZ series

NOF®-ALLOY  TZ series is a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer which consists of acrylic rubber and polyolefin (or polyester). NOF®-ALLOY  TZ series can be molded by some common molding methods, and it is used in Air ducts, Covers and Seals for automotive application which has some excellent properties, especially oil-resistance and high thermal-resistance.


Conference Website:

Please visit our booth #1245 during the conference, or contact our regional offices:

Tel: NY Office:  +1-914-681-9790 (Ext. 20)
       CA Office:  +1-949-253-5764

Tel:  +49-69-7706-100-0

[Japan Region, Asia except China]
Fine Polymer Sales Department

[Chinese Region]
NOF (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
Tel : +86-21-6210-1100


*Original update on 3/28/2016*


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