Ceracute®-F, L (For skin care)

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- Improvement of skin elasticity


  1. Skin elasticity was measured on forearm
  2. The lotion containing Ceracute® and Collagen was applied on forearm
  3. Skin elasticity has been measured at 1, 3 and 6 hours after application
    ※Instrument:Cutometer SEM474(Analysis method;P mode, Courage + Khazaka)

- Anti-wrinkle


  1. Replicas of eye corner of 8 females were taken
  2. The lotion containing Ceracute at 0.25% as an active has been applied at eye corner of 8 females twice a day
  3. Replicas were taken 4 weeks later and analyzed with 3D skin roughness analysis(ASA-03R, Asahibiomed)

- Texture


  1. The lotions containing polymers at 0.5%(as an active) have been applied on eye corner of the 10 females
  2. Take a questionnare to them